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MNA board is pleased to accept applications, assist with establishment funding, to cover with insurance, and provide expert support to individuals and groups seeking to establish a new service to the people of Moreton.

All new applications need to be submitted to the MNA Inc Board that meets each quarter.


To facilitate charitable, educational, recreational, social welfare activities and programs that promote the Christian faith and in particular to lead people to a saving faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, and to encourage them in the service of God.


To assist any independent agencies, persons or churches holding the Christian faith to affiliate with the Association, and to assist such agencies in their formation and operation with the intent that they be rendered effective charitable associations holding like goals.

To seek, recruit, train and commission Christian workers for the promotion of the vision.

Procedure for new ventures

Who can apply?

Churches, independent agencies and persons with a Christian affiliation.

Proof of Christian affiliation will be required.

What can you apply for?

Applications can only be for charitable, educational, recreational and social welfare activities and programs.

How do you apply?

A written application should be submitted to the MNA board meeting. These are held 3 to 4 times per year.

Applications will only be accepted in written form and should address the following key points:

  1. Title of the initiative.
  2. Brief overview of project/initiative (incorporating short term and longer term goals).
  3. Describe how the initiative meets the Christian Charter of MNA.
  4. Describe how the initiative meets one or more of the vision and mission of MNA as outlined above.
  5. Provide details of the person/people involved in establishing the new initiative. Please supply a church or Christian referee.

Application process

The application will be considered at the next board meeting for approval or rejection of the application. Approval may also be given in principle subject to the applicant providing more materials to the board.

Once the application is accepted the board will move the application to the development stage. In this stage the applicant, with the board's support, will supply more detailed information to the board in regards to:

  • The constitution and operation of the project,
  • Detailed background on the people involved,
  • Short-term and longer term financial needs.

With all of this documentation completed (which may be incorporated into the initial application) the board will move forward with the initiative and establish guidelines and procedures and set up financial tools for the initiative.


Finance and governance

MNA is the legal institution that is responsible for the new initiative operating within the law and meeting its financial and legal responsibilities.

Finance: MNA will establish bank accounts for the new initiative as an appropriate time in the development of the organisation. The new organisation will be responsible for collecting and banking and spending associated with their initiative. MNA will support the people through this process. While the new initiative will have its own bank accounts and is responsible for managing its own finances, the legal responsibility resides with MNA. Thus, quarterly reports for the need to be made to the board that at the end of each financial year will have the accounts of a new initiative independently audited.

Rules regarding payments of accounts will need to be in strict compliance with the government guidelines provided to incorporated associations and by the MNA board.  For example, the new organisation cannot initiate loans or obtain credit cards or start to employ staff without the approval MNA board. These are in place to protect all parties to the new initiative.

Policies: MNA will provide policies for the new organisation to follow. These will include human resources, risk assessment, privacy, child protection and safety, mandatory reporting, and complaint process.

Insurance: MNA will provide public liability insurance for the new organisation.


Dependence/Independence from MNA

  • It is the role of MNA to nurture new initiatives and to provide support. New initiatives may remain under the umbrella of the MNA for a short period of time or indefinitely.
  • It is accepted that over time the new initiative will grow as an organisation and may become independent legally from MNA. At that time the new organisation will operate under its own constitution and finances.
  • MNA has the right to withdraw its support of any initiative, or organisation established by MNA without reservation.